Yummy Recipe Monday: Hot Cheetos Chicken

This simple recipe I got from my Mom who got it from a coworker. All you need is milk, 2 eggs (to help the batter stick)
and hot Cheetos. The crunchy kind. Not the soft. And oil for frying. 

Put milk in one bowl. Crack eggs in milk bowl. Stir the milk and eggs together. 

In another bowl have your finely crushed hot Cheetos. Put chicken in milk egg wash. Then coat in finely crushed hot Cheetos batter. Then fry the chicken in vegetable oil, corn oil. Whatever oil you have around the house. 

Cook until the chicken is floating and darkish red. Then put a pan with paper towels to drain excess oil. 

It's delicious. My family and I have tried it. And it's not spicy either. This is a good recipe I'll be sharing with my church. 


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